Connect. Communicate. Care.

Make sure your people have a voice

Communicate seemlessly with your people with Mezello mass notification. Make sure the right people are seeing your message at the right time and ensure your system is always working.


Mass communication made easy! Quickly send any combination of text, email, voice or text-to-speech messages.  Basic voice conferencing capabilities included as well as an emergency webpage with configurable messages.  

Message Activity

Quickly view statistics and responses for sent messages. Review delivery confirmation messages from service providers across all message types.

Administrative Tools

Administrator dashboard with a view of account usage, counts of sent, received and scheduled messages. Manage recipient groups with a dynamic upload tool with spreadsheet column mapping capabilities.

Communicate quickly

Mezello is designed for fast and efficient messaging.  Draft, select your recipients and execute your message quickly and easily using the 3-step messaging guide.

Step 1: Select Message Type


Select one from Voice, Text, and Email, or any combination of the three.

Step 2: Prepare Message

Draft the contents of your message or choose from one of your pre-made message templates.

Step 3: Select Recipients


Organize your recipients into groups, then select your message recipients, Or use the recipient mapping tool to be able to select recipients from a map

Schedule messages and use templates

Use the scheduler to plan the execution of your messages or execute them on-demand as the situation requires. Multiple message templates can be stored to make sure your communication is on-point every time.

Mass Communication Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

With a couple of clicks,  send a message to your whole organization. We’ve put in the work to make things simple for you. There are enough challenges running an organization, we’re on a mission to make sure communication isn’t one of them.

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