Mezello is a full-featured mass notification tool, simple enough for everyday users, powerful enough for any organization.

Simplify Communication

Communicating, especially with large groups of people, can be difficult, that is why simplicity was the goal when designing Mezello. Leverage custom message templates, conferencing and a basic emergency website to simplify your communication with your people across your organization. 


Multiple Message Mediums

Text, email and voice messages (via phone call) are all supported. Draft and execute any message in three simple steps.

Dedicated Conference Bridge

A dedicated conference bridge is available for those times you just need to meet and email and texting just won’t cut it. Bridged can be secured using a custom PIN.


Emergency Website

Use the Emergency Website builder to create a quick message/bulletin with an account-specific URL that can be shared or sent in a message to all of your contacts.


Message Templates

Use message and message header templates to streamline your communication and make message execution even quicker.

Message Reporting & Collection

Mezello provides a live communication dashboard with a quick-view of recent messages and responses, as well as a message archive which includes expanded details on message analytics.

Simple Dashboard

 Use the dashboard to review sent message details and easily see the most recent replies to your messages.

Message Analytics

Quickly see who has received your message. View delivery status information gathered from message providers across all message types.


Message Archive

Use the message archive to review  account activity of sent messages and  responses received for each.

Administrative Tools

Account administration is made easy with useful usage and billing reports, a powerful recipient upload, and unique recipient grouping and selection tools. 

Reports & Billing

Generate reports on account usage and export data in .csv file format. Manage billing with the ability to set up auto recharge, adjust payment methods and view payment history

Recipient Upload Tool

Use the dynamic recipient upload tool to import contacts into your account and organize them using groups and tags.

Recipient Mapping Tool

Click and drag to select message recipients using a geographic map created from uploaded contact information.

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